Art Of Badminton

The Art of playing Great Badminton is through practice, practice and practice! Although we can’t control who our ‘coaches’ are… What we are able to control is how we can be a Great student of Badminton.

It’s all about playing/training

Smart & Effectively !

Let me Share with you my story…

Often after trainings and competitions, I wonder how did those top players actually get That good? Immediately I went back to training I tried imitating what they do and more often or not, I Fail… I wasn’t getting results, all that happened was that i kept throwing points…

And that not only frustrates me but it built this negative thought and energy that constantly whispers…

‘You can’t do it, they’re talented you’re not’

What’s even worse, while trying to learn all this techniques, strategies I formed bad inefficient techniques…

I wouldn’t had to go through so much time wasting effort correcting a bad habit IfI didn’t ‘Kay Kiang’! (Acting smart in hokkien)

It was through my experience I realized the importance of knowledge… If only I knew earlier!

Knowledge is Key

It wasn’t just about training because I practically trained everyday… It’s about effective training! And by understanding training & badminton, plus putting them into action, that’s when you get effective training!

Thankfully I had the right coach to guide me back into the right path when I entered the sports school!

There’s this saying..

‘Begin with the End in Mind’

If I asked you, how to do a trick shot, believe me, a lot of people would show me all sorts of fanciful body, leg and even head moments to try and deceive your opponent.

The truth is, they just needed to know the rule of doing a trick shot, how deception actually works.. So you see the importance of knowledge?

And that’s what this site is about! To guide you and help you in forming good habits as a player that will help you in all aspects of your game, be it strategically, tactically, physically and most importantly in safety too!
So jump right in and let’s start Smashing Our Way to The Top!